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Reliving The Duke Game In Photos

Apr 10, 2014, 5:47 PM EDT

Grant Beachy (@GrantBeachy) is a freelance photographer from Goshen (Ind.) who had the opportunity to shoot a variety Notre Dame events this year. A former touring drummer, Beachy has owned his own recording studio, Electric Angel Studios, since 2005. In addition to recording, mixing and mastering audio tracks, Beachy has begun a career in photography. You can find more of his work at


Grant Beachy’s Photo Gallery – Notre Dame vs. Duke by Slidely Photo Gallery


“Have you ever shot sports?”  Well, this was a question I hadn’t really counted on.  I photograph about whatever I can, but a lot of it gravitates toward portraits, weddings and architecture.  Sports had always been tempting and more than a bit intimidating.  “I could use you for some basketball. Let me know what game you could shoot.” Well, this was tempting.  I looked through the schedule and swung for the fences.  “I’d like to shoot the Duke game. Could you do that?” And the reply, “I got you down for that.” was definitely not what I was expecting.  I decided I better figure out what the heck I was doing.


Dear Google, how do you shoot basketball?


The day of the game I was so excited! I got my cameras together, picked the lens combos I thought I would probably need and headed over to get my media pass.  Once I got down by the court I realized that even with a media pass, this would be no easy feat.  Photographers from the AP, Chicago Tribune and everyone else had staked out their spot on the baseline.  After walking around a bit I managed to squeeze in beside a friendly face who introduced himself as Rick Kimball.  A great guy, and later I found out a fantastic photographer as well.  And off we went!


One thing I never realized was how easy it is to get tunnel vision when you are shooting action. It was only during breaks that I had the presence of mind to check the score. When I did, it was thrilling.  A close, hard-fought game with some pretty impressive highlights (check out Austin Burgett’s brutal block on Jabari Parker in the slideshow) and it was a nail-biter till the end.  When the final buzzer sounded I got to capture a joyous celebration on the court.


I hope you enjoy my first basketball slideshow.  It’s fun to look back on, and hopefully it won’t be the last time I get a chance to shoot a great game like this one.  Thanks to Mike Frank for the opportunity, and maybe you’ll see me wandering around another game sometime with too many cameras and a big grin.


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