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@NDwbb’s Thursday Night Obsession – Scandal

Mar 11, 2014, 5:17 PM EDT

Anyone who’s seen an episode of ABC’s Scandal knows it’s addictive, but for the women of Notre Dame women’s basketball, it’s an obsession!

Week after week, the dramatic series manages to pack in more and more– you guessed it – Scandal. Olivia Pope, the fearless and flawless leader of the show manages to “fix” the problems of high profile politicians in D.C., with the help of her team, dubbed the “Gladiators”.

Every week the women of Notre Dame women’s basketball tune in to see what epic problem the Gladiators will solve next. Freshman forward Kristina Nelson is one of these loyal followers. Recently, I caught up with her, and we discussed all things Scandal.

If you could describe Olivia Pope in one word, what would it be? FIERCE!

What is one thing about Olivia Pope you envy the most? She knows EVERYTHING. She knows everything about everyone—all of the secrets.

Of the Gladiators, who is your favorite? Why? Harrison – he’s attractive and can play both a leader as well as a sidekick.

Team Fitz or Team Jake? Team Jake!

Will Olivia and Fitz ever actually get together? Never…they’ve got to play up the pregnancy and I hope it’s Jake’s baby.

Who’s worse, Mellie or Cyrus? CYRUS! He’s not loyal to anyone. He plays both sides of B613 AND the presidency. You just can’t trust him.

The Gladiators…

Of Notre Dame Women’s Basketball


source:  Huck – The mysterious former spy has a talent

for finding out secrets… and a bit of a dark side.

Madison Cable


Quinn – The youngest Gladiator shows a lot of

promise, but is still trying to find her footing.

–The Freshman 


Harrison – Beyond the charm and good looks,

this Gladiator has intelligence and a way with words.

Kayla McBride 


Abby – This hardworking Gladiator says what she

wants and has the smarts to back it up…don’t let the

pretty face fool you.

Hannah Huffman


Olivia – Olivia Pope really needs no explanation, but here it goes.

Olivia is the fixer. She fearlessly and flawlessly cleans up messes…

sticky situations have never looked so good.

Coach Ivey


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