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Paving a New Legacy: The Legion is Ready

Oct 24, 2013, 3:46 PM EDT

The Notre Dame students pick up their season ticket packages at the Purcell Pavilion ticket office

Monday evening the Notre Dame Men’s Basketball team held an open practice along with a dinner afterwards for the team’s season ticket holders. This showcase allowed for the most faithful Irish fans to see how the team is performing as well as meet their favorite players after practice.

This event was a great community function as well as a good reminder to the players that the first exhibition game is this Monday against Indianapolis. The time has almost come for the Irish to return for another season of basketball at Purcell Pavilion and in five days, Notre Dame’s “Sixth Man” returns to the Purcell Pavilion and lives up to their nickname of the Leprechaun Legion.

Three. That is the number of losses Notre Dame has had in Purcell since the beginning of the 2011-2012 season. To say Notre Dame has home court advantage is an understatement. A large amount of these victories are because of the Legion and the energy they bring consistently to the games since being first established in 2002.

From reading newspapers during the oppositions introductions and crumpling up the paper and throwing it in the air when Notre Dame makes its first basket to orchestrating a “black-out” like they did in 2012 when the team handled 8th-ranked Kentucky 64-50, this student section is unlike any other in college basketball.

The Leprechaun Legion is a force to be reckoned with and as the team has gotten better over the years, so has the Legion. Because of the smaller size of the Pavilion compared to larger arenas at programs such as Indiana and Maryland, the loud student section is even louder with the Irish cheers resonating off the walls and into the  ears of the opponent.

As a driving force for the team’s success at home, you better believe the Legion will be in Purcell for Notre Dame’s first season in the ACC. Last week the students came by the ticket office to pick up their season ticket booklet and 2013-2014 Legion t-shirt.

Although the basketball version of “The Shirt” does not receive as much publicity as the football one does, it greens out the student section, brings the students together and, most of all, is a free shirt. And as a college student, any extra shirt can help when the laundry piles get a little big throughout the year.

The great deal though, is the fact the booklets are only $65 for 18 home games, including matchups with teams like North Carolina, Clemson, Virginia and Pittsburgh. Although the Canisius, NC State and most importantly Duke (which is Notre Dame’s first ACC opponent of the season) games aren’t included in the student tickets because they are all over Christmas break, expect Legion members to still be in attendance.

The ticket office allowed students to buy tickets to these games for only $5 each if they purchased the student ticket booklet. Students took the ticket tellers up on this offer selling out all the tickets made available to them for the Duke game.

This 2013-2014 basketball season is almost upon us. The team is ready. The Legion is ready. The question is: Are you?

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