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Coach Brey And The ACC Mascots…

Jul 8, 2013, 11:38 AM EDT

Coach Brey and the rest of the ACC contingent at the NASDAQ Stock Exchange in New York (

This is an amusing story that was sent to me this past week from an administrator within the Notre Dame Athletics Department.

After ensuring it wasn’t embargoed for any reason, I couldn’t help but share it with everyone.

Here is a real e-mail from head men’s basketball coach Mike Brey that was forwarded to me:



Quick story from  last Monday in NY…  All the mascots were around that day.  I get on the elevator with the Pitt Panther, the Tar Heel mascot… there were probably 4 mascots on the elevator, and they’re all in character.  So I’m saying ‘hi’ to them, but they’re not talking, they’re just sort of bouncing around in character.  Finally, as we’re getting to the floor, out of the Pitt Panther costume comes this guy’s voice: “Hey Coach, Jamie Dixon (Pittsburgh men’s basketball coach) hates the Burn Offense.”  Doors open, Panther walks out.

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