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New Kids on the Block: Cam Biedscheid

Feb 6, 2013, 2:17 PM EDT


Notre Dame welcomed three talented and promising freshmen to the squad this year. These three players look to build on the success of recent Irish squads and leave a mark of their own. Irish UNDerground blogger Lauren Chval sat down to get to know the first of the trio, forward Cam Biedscheid.


Cam Biedscheid scored 18 points for the Irish against Villanova last Wednesday. He listens to rap and hip-hop before every game and loves to hang out with his teammates off the court. Last week, he posted a picture of himself with LeBron James to Instagram in a display of “Throwback Thursday.”

The kid is a baller, and all signs point toward him doing big things for Notre Dame basketball.

He’s also a freshman from St. Louis, Mo. He eats at South Dining Hall and sometimes Reckers, goes to class and lives in Keough Hall.

“My roommate is Ryan Barnett—he’s in the marching band,” Biedscheid will tell you. “That’s my bro.

“Other schools are basketball only; they do everything only with the team. But here you get the chance to meet people you wouldn’t know and experience new things and really be a true student-athlete.”

Biedscheid has been in love with basketball for as long as he can remember, and he traces that to his dad.

“When I was really small, my pops used to always go to the YMCA and play pickup, and I used to always be on the side hoop, just shooting around and watching him. I’ve just loved basketball ever since he used to take me to the gym every day.”

He was always looking to tag along, and though Biedscheid says he chose to come to Notre Dame because of how hard he was recruited, he admits his dad had something to do with the decision as well.

“My pops, he used to follow Notre Dame basketball and football a lot,” he recalls. “I used to do whatever he did. I used to say I wanted to go to Notre Dame ever since I was a little kid. I had a lot of Notre Dame sweatshirts.”

Biedscheid stayed in Duncan with senior Joey Brooks on his recruitment visit and says he immediately felt at home.

“When I came on my visit, the teammates were really accepting,” he recounts. “I went to other schools on other visits and a lot of the other players wouldn’t try to talk to you, wouldn’t try to be friendly with you or get to know you. It wasn’t a good vibe. But when I came here I got more of a home vibe—like a family vibe. I got that from the coaching staff, too. They really look out for me and make sure I’m always doing what I’m supposed to be doing.”

Biedscheid is eager to do what he’s supposed to be doing, looking to make a difference on this team. He has a lot of people to learn from, and they are all eager to teach him.

“I never have to feel a lot of pressure with the team that we have,” Biedscheid says. “We have a lot of great veteran guys, and although Scott Martin is out, he’s still a leader to me. He still makes sure I have confidence when I’m out there on the floor. He let’s me know, if I have a shot, take the shot. Be confident. Don’t feel the pressure. Just play basketball the way we play ball. And my coaches are the exact same way. They give you confidence to do what they know you can do to help the team.”

In his freshman year so far, Biedscheid points to the Kentucky game as his favorite memory. In all of his success in high school, he never experienced a moment like the fans storming the court. With the season in full swing, Biedscheid hopes to play a major role in capturing more moments like that.

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