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Shots From The Heart

Jan 28, 2013, 1:35 PM EDT

For the third consecutive year, Irish head coach Mike Brey is participating in Shots From The Heart, a nationwide free throw shooting tournament presented by

The event was started to create awareness for heart disease and pay tribute to Skip Prosser, the former Wake Forest head coach who passed away of a heart attack in 2007.

At its core a free throw competition is very simple, but in the spirit of March Madness, Shots From The Heart takes it to a different level.

The tournament features two 64-person brackets (one for head coaches and one for assistants) with participants taking 25 shots each.

In order to avoid tiebreakers, the tournament features a unique scoring system.

  • Shots 1-10 are worth 1 point
  • Shots 11-15 are worth 2 points
  • Shots 16-20 are worth 3 points
  • Shots 21-24 are worth 4 points
  • Shot 25 is worth 5 points

In 2011, Brey lost to Tulane’s Ed Conroy in the second round. Last season, he fell to NJIT’s Jim Engles in the opening pairing, so you can bet the Irish head coach had some extra motivation when he took to the charity stripe on the Purcell Pavilion court.

This year, Brey is paired up with Pat Kelsey of Winthrop. Some might remember Kelsey for his impassioned postgame press conference following the tragedy in Connecticut this past December.

There’s no word of Coach Kelsey’s results yet, but Brey made 23 of 25 shots, and I’ve got to believe he put himself in a pretty good position to advance to the next round. Check it out below.

Notice the three-dribble routine? Always a good choice. Steve Nash would be proud.

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